The best new local spot!
The tacos are absolutely delicious! My wife had the chicken & fish tacos, while had pastor and steak.
me gusto
The food is AMAZING, Love it
I've never felt the need to add a business that wasn't already listed on yelp, until today. This hidden gem is in a tiny revamped house off Palace and right past another tortilleria we usually frequent for authentic caldo de rez, apporeado, tortas, quesadillas ect... This place blew it out of the water compared to any other place in town. I felt like I was sitting at my mother in laws house (who is from Mexico City). It does take some time to get your food (20-35 minutes) so order all you want right up front. We got steak tacos with homemade tortillas grilled onions and fresh cilantro and green and red salsa, chilaquiles w egg and beans, and a giant torta!!!! It was all fantastic and will satiate ANY craving for your authentic Mexican food needs! Truly... RUN THERE don't walk !!
New here to Texas and man. I have been looking for a good Mexican food restaurant where I can get a great burrito. This is the place to go. Will be coming back.
I went there last week with a few friends. My first time there & I ordered the Big Tex Nachos w/chicken. So good & filling, though would like to see what the back of the menu says.
I did not think it possible, but I must admit Catalina's is the BEST, fresh, authentic, REAL Mexican food in all of East Texas!!! Hands down, this place is like going to visit family. Everything from their rice to the home made corn tortillas is excellent! Nicely seasoned plates, great selection of waters and sodas and their prices are very reasonable! I truly appreciate these wonderful we told the gentleman last night.......your gonna need a bigger place!
Awesome place to eat they get better and better every time I go into eat.
Really good food. Great prices. I highly recommend catalinas.
Good food and great prices. The tortas are the biggest and are delicious.
Great food, friendly and fast service, great prices.
The carne asada and pastor tacos here are delicious. Red and green hot sauces are full of flavor and spice. $2 for big tacos like these means a great value. The friendly and expedient service rounds out Catalina's with a full 5 star. I will try the fish and barbecoa next time!
Best real authentic Mexican food around!